I have been a Pharmacist and Businessman in the Baddeck area for the past 48 years having owned and operated the family drugstore called Stone's Drug Store Ltd, and in the early 70's I brought into the village of Baddeck, the very popular Home Hardware franchise.

Having owned and operated several businesses, including a restaurant, a clothing store, Nova Department Store, in Baddeck and Dartmouth I feel confident of the business atmosphere and the value that this building offers.

In my advancing years I would like to see an entrepreneur purchase this building and operate a business that, if I was 25 years younger , I would be passionate about operating.

A future owner would possess the values incorporating the characteristics of a Tourist Village such as Baddeck. These values of course would require the purchaser to be environmentally conscious, to be interested in advancing the interests of the tourist industry, and to be conscious of the fact that we need employment for the men and women who live in the area, especially the young, who have been leaving the area for the oilfields of Western Canada.